sections: video dok.revue

video dok.revuedok.revue24. Ji.hlava online: Q&AFilmové debaty
dok.revueMasterclass: Roberto Minervini24. Mezinárodní festival dokumentárních filmů Ji.hlava
dok.revueMasterclass: Hubert Sauper24. Mezinárodní festival dokumentárních filmů Ji.hlava
1+2.19Masterclass: Sergej Dvorcevoj23rd Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival
1.18Masterclass: Jóhann Jóhannsson21st Ji.hlava IDFF
F5.17Interview with Jaani Kivinen
F5.17Interview with Marc Eberhardt
F4.17Rozhovor s Petrem Václavem
F4.17video dok.revueInterview with Sarah Vanhee
F3.17Interview With Director Amir Yatziv
F3.17Interview With Director Boris Mitic
F3.17Interview With Director Christian Tod
F2.17Interview With Producer Laura Schaman
F2.17Interview With Producer Gabriela Bussmann
F2.17Interview with director Anita Mathal Hopland
2.17Open class: Philip ZimbardoDiscussion with legendary American psychologist at the 20th edition of Ji.hlava IDFF
2.17Masterclass: Rebecca O'BrienHow to Make a Ken Loach film
2.17Masterclass: Claire AthertonEditing gives a film its shape
1.17Pussy Riot as an opposition to the current political system in RussiaOpen Class: Marija Aljochina
1.17Combining artistic reflections on the documentary genre with contemporary political dilemmasMasterclass: Thomas A. Østbye
1.17Syrian football coach as a refugeeOpen class: Osama Abdul Mohsen
1.17Mundane situations with subtle transcendental poetic visualMasterclass: Viktor Kossakovsky
1.17The response 'For no reason' is a genuine answerMasterclass: Flatform
4.16Festival Minutes20th Jihlava IDFF
3.16Unscripted film is born out of the collaboration with the universeMasterclass: Filipino independent filmmaker Kidlat Tahimik
2.16Films as a series of issuesMasterclass: Deborah Stratman
1.16Wang Bing's ObservationsWang Bing talks about his observational method in real time
6.15MythmakingKateřina Šedá on her structual method at the Inspiration Forum 2014
5.15Umbrella Revolution in Hong KongMasterclass: Joseph Cheng Yu-shek
f5.15Viktor Kossakovsky on film art
f5.15Artavazd Peleshyan on Eternity
f5.15FlatformFlatform on their creative method
f4.15LaboratoriumVideo installations and Game Point at Jihlava IDFF
f3.15Vít Klusák on working with Andrej Babiš
f2.15Czech documentarist Helena Třeštíková on Jihlava IDFF and her new book
4.15Masterclass: Godfrey ReggioGodfrey Reggio at 18th edition of Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival
3.15Action Artist Petr Pavlensky on his Politically Engaged ArtRussian actionist, and a critic of the current political regime in Russia, Petr Pavlensky, in his presentation for the Inspiration Forum 2014 talked about his previous performances and thoroughly explained his artistic strategy.
2.15Masterclass: Albert SerraAlbert Serra talks about possibilities of filming without a script and improvisation in front of a camera