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1+2.19Emerging Czech female documentariansIs there a new tide of emerging female documentarians in Czech cinema? What’s fascinating about the work of Czech female filmmakers like Johana Ožvold, Greta Stocklassa or Viera Čákany?Will Tizard Through Eyes of American Journalist Daniel WalberAmerican freelance critic Daniel Walber focuses on a bunch of Czech experimental movies which were screened at the 21st Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival in the Fascinations: section.Daniel Walber
2.17Why Series SuckCritical essay about the phenomenon Quality TVHanjo Berressem, Nadine Boljkovac
1.17Haptic/Visual Identities – A project between art and researchAgata Mergler and Cristian Villavicencio about their haptic camerasAgata Mergler, Cristian Villavicencio
4.16Winners of the jubilee 20th edition of Jihlava IDFFComments on the winners of 20th Jihlava IDFF by the festival editorial teamTereza Hadravová, Veronika Jančová, Kateřina Šardická, Janis Prášil
F5.16Winners of the jubilee 20th edition of Jihlava IDFFComments on the winners of 20th Jihlava IDFF by the festival editorial teamTereza Hadravová, Veronika Jančová, Kateřina Šardická, Janis Prášil
F3.16Ji.hlava ManifestoWatch Ji.hlava Manifesto online
4.16Transparent Landscape: TurkeyComing to terms with the past, the clash of cultures, and intellectual reflections on everyday life – just three aspects of a country larger than Ukraine and as unknown as the OrientTomáš Doruška, Âkile Nazlı Kaya
4.16The Russian Avant-GardeThe pioneer of the moving image – Dziga Vertov – and other significant figures of the Russian interwar avant-garde explore not only Soviet society, but, even more importantly, art and the nature of the medium of mediaBriana Čechová
4.16Translucent Being: Éric RohmerAbout not well known documentary work of French pedagogue Éric RohmerDavid Čeněk
4.16Translucent Being: Bill MorrisonCreation methods of the American experimental filmmaker and documentarian Bill Morrison, who uses a variety of damaged celluloid strips in his films; most often, however, those damaged by the ravages of time.Andrea Slováková, Štěpánka Součková
3.16The Experimental Nature of the 19th Jihlava IDFFAmerican journalist Daniel Walber offers his perspective of the section at the 19th Jihlava International Documentary Film FestivalDaniel Walber
2.16Crowdfunding Is Not About the Money, But About the PeopleInterview with Swedish Documentarian Fredrik Gertten
5.15Daniel Walber about Conference FascinationsThe American journalist shows the main problems with distribution of experimental movies.Daniel Walber
f5.15Kon-Tiki and the Postwar War Meeting with Film RealismTomáš Stejskal on watching the piece Kon-TikiTomáš Stejskal
f4.15The Phenomenon of „Slow Television“ – it is the Reindeers‘ TurnJihlava IDFF programmer Milan Kruml on Slow TVMilan Kruml
f2.15A Czech Funeral. Picture, time and emotions In an essay on the topic of a Czech Funeral in which film historian Lucie Česálková analyses the picture, time, emotion and sense of pragmatism where one can find the illusion of eternity.
4.15Terrorism is Nothing NewThis year, Jihlava IDFF features a special section comprised of documentaries pointing to the fact that European media in relation to recent events often tend to ignore their own past.
3.14Between Creative Documentary and JournalismHow did the directors of Ex-Premiers succeed in disrupting the typical media image of the most prominent politicians of the past two decades?Přemysl Martinek
2.14Is CT2 a “Cultural Channel”?Milan Uhde reflects upon the significance of documentaries in the programme offer of CT2Milan Uhde
1.13On the border between reality and fictionDocusoaps on Czech TV channelsMilan Kruml