sections: Introduction

2.20Living with inner laughterDok.revue 2.20Kamila Boháčková
1.20When local is universaldok.revue 1.20Kamila Boháčková
1+2.19Czech docs of the year 2019Welcome at the English double issue of dok.revue 2019. This winter issue looks back upon the Czech documentary scene in the year 2019 and serves as an annual book of the most (internationally) interesting Czech documentaries and articles about them at dok.revue.Kamila Boháčková
F4.17Na Ji.hlavský festival dorazil Marcel Ophuls a Kateřina ŠedáPáteční Ji.hlava přivítala oscarového režiséra Marcela Ophulse. Nejlepším filmem v sekci Svědectví o poznání je argentinský snímek Panický záchvat. Umělkyně Kateřina Šedá uvedla projekt Made in Slavutych.
F3.17Ji.hlava inspirační a inspirujícíFestivalová dok.revue potřetíJitka Lanšperková
2.17Is television a dead medium?The second edition of dok.revue
F5.16Looking for the 21st Jihlava IDFFFifth - and final - issue of festival dok.revueJitka Lanšperková
F4.16Czech JoyTo introduce the cream of last year’s Czech documentary productionJitka Lanšperková
F3.16The Past. The Present! The Future?Festival dok.revue vol. 3Jitka Lanšperková
F2.16You can’t take my film away from me, can you, can you?Festival dok.revue: second issueJitka Lanšperková
F1.16An illuminated parade passed through the streets of Jihlava20th Jihlava IDFF has begunJitka Lanšperková
3.16Football and Political Observationdok.revue 3.16Jitka Lanšperková
1.16Spring dok.revuePossible More Alternative Ways of Distributing Documentary Films and the Digital Restoration of Archived FilmsJitka Lanšperková
6.15New TV Formats – What Are the Possibilities?This year’s last issue of dok.revue follows up on the concept introduced in the previous year.Jitka Lanšperková
5.15In the Name of Jihlava IDFFFestival ReflectionsJitka Lanšperková
f2.15Jihlava IDFF, Day 2The second day of the festival took off in a daze of an eternal surreal dream, though, was it really surreal?Jitka Lanšperková
f1.15Jihlava IDFF, Day 1The largest festival of creative documentary film in Central and Eastern Europe, Jihlava IDFF just started this year’s edition.Jitka Lanšperková
4.15Dok.revue Is Celebrating 10 Years!This year, dok.revue is marking its first round anniversary – it has been ten years since its first issue saw the light of the day.Jitka Lanšperková
3.15A Political PerspectiveThe main theme dominating the first autumn issue of dok.revue is a political perspective. However, not in the sense of political agenda, as many readers could think. Jitka Lanšperková
2.15Learn How to Read the LandscapeDreams about landscape, addiction to living together and relationship between KVIFF and documentariesJitka Lanšperková
1.15EditorialTelevision, Commission Work and Creative FreedomTomáš Stejskal
6.14Another Seven Pieces of Czech JoyThe last issue of dok.revue 2014 contains series of interviews with Czech directors whose documentary films were selected for this year competition Czech Joy held in October at Jihlava IDFFTereza Hadravová
5.14Seven Pieces of Czech JoyThis and the following English edition of dok.revue presents interviews with Czech directors, which were featured in the Czech edition of dok.revue during the 18th Jihlava IDFF.Tereza Hadravová
4.14dok.revue 4.14Dok.revue 4.14 resonates with sounds of the approaching eighteenth year of the 18th International Documentary Film Festival Jihlava 2014Tereza Hadravová
3.14The End of the Silly SeasonGottland in its third incarnation; Stations of the Cross suffered each time anew; Ex-Premiers as seen by FAMU students; perfumed Josef Čapek on a plank-bed in a concentration camp.Tereza Hadravová
2.14A Ladder and an Exhaust PipeWhat Czech and Slovak documentaries will compete at Karlovy Vary IFF? What is the news with documentarist Petr Hátle? What does Milan Uhde think about Czech Television?
1.14First dok.revue 2014Reflections on new Czech documentary films in the form of reviews, theoretical publications and poetry
1.12Documentary is loveSince 2003, Jihlava IDFF has promoted reflection upon documentary films – something previously nearly unknown.Andrea Slováková