sections: Interview

1.20None of the big streaming platforms are buying documentaries now because people are so scared in their personal lives Challenges for the film industry and festivals in the age of the coronavirusRadim Procházka
1.20We have to start with ourselves, or nothing will changeAn interview with Macedonian documentarians Ljubomir Stefanov and Tamara Kotevská, creators of the film Honeyland.Vojtěch Kočárník
1+2.19Karel Vachek: Films Just Have to Make You Laugh!One of the most original Czech filmmakers Karel Vachek made his ninth film novel called Communism and the Net or the End of Representative Democracy. Fifty years after Prague Spring and thirty years after the Velvet Revolution, Karel Vachek “with his inner laughter” looks back on the evolution of our society and predicts a transformation to direct democracy based on the possibilities of the internet that will allow for the engagement of the whole mankind without the need of representatives. His film Communism will be screened at the beginning of next year at the International Film festival Rotterdam.Kamila Boháčková
1+2.19To Surprise MyselfWhile the main competition at the International Karlovy Vary Film Festival does not feature any Czech title, the festival’s documentary section has one Czech film to offer: A documentary road movie by Martin Mareček entitled Over the Hills exploring the relationship between a father and a son, as well as the distance that separates us from others. Unlike his previous socially engaged films, the latest title provides a personal and intimate insight. But as Martin Mareček put it in his interview for dok.revue – what is intimate is universal. Marek Hovorka, Petr Kubica, Kamila Boháčková
1+2.19Greta Stoklassa: I Read Rather than Preach the RealityAn interview with the director Greta StoklassaKamila Boháčková
F2.18Special little momentsInterview with Antonio Di Biase, the director of De Sancto Ambrosio movie, which has the world premiere in Opus Bonum competition at 22nd Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival.Matěj Pořízek
F2.18Are we experiencing dystopia today?Interview with Frédérick Cousseau, the director of the poetic documentary called NU, which has the premiere in Opus Bonum competition at 22nd Ji.hlava IDFF.Tomáš Poštulka
F2.18Freedom of ChoiceInterview with Jacky Goldberg, the director of Flesh Memory, which will have its international premiere in Opus Bonum competition
F1.18I like to find other ways to tell a storyInterview with Jorge Pelicano, the director of the Until Porn Do Us Part, which has the premiere in Opus Bonum competition at 22nd Ji.hlava IDFF.Eliška Charvátová
F1.18Wim Wenders on Pope Francis: Courageous, Fearless, Extremely HonestMicro-interview with Wim Wenders about his film Pope Francis: A Man of His Word
F1.18‘My Unknown Soldier’ Director’s Family Secret: ‘There Was a Hole…’Interview with Anna Kryvenko, the director of My Unknown Soldier
F1.18Ji.hlava Chief Marek Hovorka on Keeping the Docu Fest FreshInterview with Marek Hovorka, the director of Ji.hlava IDFFWill Tizard
1.18Are Polish filmmakers suicidals?Interview with Polish Director Piotr StasikMartin Svoboda
F4.17Bylo pro mě problematické na někoho namířit kameruRozhovor s Violou Ježkovou o jejím filmu Všechno má svůj čas
F3.17Nepohřbený LeninRozhovor s Tomášem Glancem, dramaturgem festivalové sekce Ikona Lenin.Veronika Jančová
F3.17Documentary film can’t be made upInterview with Petr Václav, director of SkokanMatěj Pořízek
2.17We’re all in this together!An interview with Canadian filmmaker and philosopher Mike HoolboomJitka Lanšperková
1.17It’s Not Easy to Get Rid of Ideas Once They Are Written DownInterview with Salomé Jashi, the director of the Best Documentary Debut and the Best Central and Eastern European Documentary Film at the 20th Jihlava IDFF called The Dazzling Light of Sunset.Jitka Lanšperková
1.17I Just Wanted to Record the Workplace I Am Part ofAn interview with Aitziber Olaskoaga, whose mid-length documentary Smiling on the Phone received the Special Mention from the sole juror of the Opus Bonum section,Claire Atherton at the 20th edition of Jihlava IDFF.Jitka Lanšperková
1.17It Was the Difficulty of Being ThereAn interview with two co-authors of the Best World Documentary Film award winner at the 20th Jihlava IDFF called Spectres Are Haunting Europe.Jitka Lanšperková
F2.16Icelandic Documentary Film? Fish, Fishing Boats and Video Art Interview with Andrea Slováková and Thorsteinn JonssonVeronika Jančová
F1.16My films are not a conversation with the pastInterview with Bill Morrison, the contemporary American artistMatěj Nytra
3.16Film Humour on the Football FieldAn interview with scriptwriter Tomáš Bojar and documentarian Rozálie Kohoutová about their new documentary film FC RomaJitka Lanšperková
2.16A Disturbing Experience of the UnknownInterview with Danish director Michael Madsen about his sci-fi documentary The VisitJiří Anger
1.16The Limited Possibilities of Czech Documentary FilmInterview witch Czech producer Richard Němec
5.15A Show in Poldi Kladno SteelworksInterview about the movie Tears of Steel: Vladimír Stehlík Meets Lubomír KrystlíkJitka Lanšperková
5.15O Futebol: Constructing the Film RealityInterview with Sergio Oksman, a Brazilian documentarian and experimenterMatěj Nytra
f5.15The Response “For No Reason” is a Genuine AnswerInterview with FlatformJiří Anger
f4.15Thor was Always Present in what He was DoingCzech filmmaker Petr Horký reminisces about his close friend Thor HeyerdahlJitka Lanšperková
f3.15We are not Talking about a Crisis in the Field of Formats, but Neither is it a Golden AgeInterview with the creative producer for Czech Television, Kamila Zlatušková, about the public genre of reality TV, the development of new formats and the new phenomenon Slow TV.Kateřina Šardická
f2.15Which Art is the Right Kind of Art?Interview with David Čeňek, the dramaturge of three festival sections – Translucent Being Raymonde Carasco, Translucent Being Eugène Deslaw and Surrealism.Jitka Lanšperková
f1.15Documentary Filmmakers (not only) About ThemselvesAn interview with Jarmila Outratová, Head of the Industry Office of the Jihlava IDFF, not only on the topic of this year’s program for film professionals.Veronika Jančová
4.15Face to Face with HistoryThe “chameleon of Czech cinema”, Jan Gogola jr. has just finished his documentary essay entitled Excursion, or the History of Now about symbolic places associated with human history.Jiří Anger
3.15The Most Difficult Thing is to Find SimplicityInterview with documentary filmmaker Martin KohoutJitka Lanšperková
2.15Active Scriptwriting with a Camera in Your HandInterview about dreaming about landscapeJitka Lanšperková
1.15Television Can Also Cultivate PeopleInterview with Apolena Rychlíková about television, racism or Václav HavelTomáš Stejskal
6.14Ambivalence as a creative methodA staged discussion with directors of the film GottlandŠtěpánka Ištvánková
6.14The Energy of Unexpected ConnectionsJan Gogola, Jr., František of His Own Kind (František svého druhu) and the inspirational connecting of the seemingly unconnectable Štěpánka Ištvánková
6.14An Oasis Amidst Concrete GrayInterview with Jiří Stejsal, author of the documentary Pit-hole (Jáma)Adéla Mrázová
6.14What Priest Kuffa Saw in the MirrorAn interview with Jana Ševčíková on her new film Lean a Ladder Against Heaven (Opři žebřík o nebe)Tereza Hadravová
6.14Against the GrainInterview with Libuše Rudinská, director of Pavel Wonka Commits to Cooperate (Pavel Wonka se zavazuje)Štěpánka Ištvánková
6.14Huntsman Body and SoulOn hunting, good food, the preparation of game with the film director of Long Live Hunting! (Lovu zdar!) Jaroslav KratochvílAdéla Mrázová
6.14The Wagner Family’s Indelible FootprintDiscussion with director Jakub Wagner on Family Business / from VideodiaryAdéla Mrázová
5.14Planned HopeDiscussion with Benjamin Tuček about city planning, the active participation of citizens and his new film PlanPřemysl Martinek, Štěpánka Ištvánková
5.14Hey, Grandma, say something into the cameraAn interview with Dužan Duong – the youngest author of the shortest film incorporated into this year’s Czech Joy section at the Jihlava IDFF 2014.Adéla Mrázová
5.14Blockade Made from One "Click "Martina Malinová discusses activism associated with the blockade at the pig farm in Lety near Písek and her new film called Lets BlockŠtěpánka Ištvánková
5.14On Pedophiles Without PrejudiceDiscussion with Veronika Lišková concerning her feature length-debut, Daniel’s World (Danielův svět)Adéla Mrázová
5.14To The Ravens of Vráťa BrabenecDiscussion with Miroslav Janek about his new documentary The Gospel According to BrabenecTereza Hadravová, Štěpánka Ištvánková
5.14I Feel Anxious in South BohemiaInto the Clouds We Gaze with Martin DušekTereza Hadravová
5.14In The Captivity of Fake PiratesDiscussion with David Čálek, director of Pirating Pirates (Pirátské sítě)Adéla Mrázová
f.14East SilverThe only film market focused on Eastern European production will open its gates again in JihlavaPřemysl Martinek
f.14Inspiration ForumInterview with Filip Remunda, curator of the sectionPřemysl Martinek, Tereza Hadravová
f.14Festivals always have to be on the side of the artistsInterview with Marek Hovorka, director of IDFF Jihlava, on two of the most important competitive sections of the festival, Eastern documentaries and the importance of Jihlava in a European contextPřemysl Martinek
4.14Experiments Based on (Industrial) RealityInterview with Andrea Slováková, who is preparing the section Fascinations for Jihlava IDFF.Tereza Hadravová
4.14Until Consumerism WinsAn interview with Vít Janeček, the dramaturgist of the Burmese section of Jihlava IDFF, offering a glimpse into the Burmese independent documentary production of the past decade.Tereza Hadravová
3.14Films as PatternsAn interview with the experimental filmmaker, Martin JežekAndrea Slováková
2.14A Film Must Go to the Edge to Have Its Own StyleInterview with Petr Hátle about making The Great Night, the unimportance of film awards and interventions which have formed his latest film based on a short story from Mariusz Szczygieł’s GottlandAndrea Slováková, Petr Lukeš, Tereza Hadravová
1.14Urge to Delve Into UndergroundInterview with Miroslav Janek about his latest documentary film OlgaMarek Hovorka, Petr Kubica, Petr Lukeš
1.13We abandoned the investigative approachAn interview with producer Kateřina Černá and director Tomáš Kudrna about their film Finding PresidentMarek Hovorka, Filip Kršiak
1.12This is not a woman’s film about breastfeedingAn interview with Viola Ježková about My Body’s Body, which FAMUFEST named the best documentary of 2012Filip Kršiak, Jana Königsmarková
1.12As if we were making an advertisement for life in TransnistriaSays Lukáš Kokeš, co-director of Fortress, the winner of the best Czech documentary at the 16th Jihlava IDFFMarek Hovorka, Filip Kršiak