Authors: Tereza Hadravová

2.14A Film Must Go to the Edge to Have Its Own StyleInterview with Petr Hátle about making The Great Night, the unimportance of film awards and interventions which have formed his latest film based on a short story from Mariusz Szczygieł’s Gottland
6.14Another Seven Pieces of Czech JoyThe last issue of dok.revue 2014 contains series of interviews with Czech directors whose documentary films were selected for this year competition Czech Joy held in October at Jihlava IDFF
1.20Biopics and the Trembling Ethics of the Real We publish here the essay by one of the most prominent minds in film today, Timothy Corrigan, who presented his essay “Biopics and the Trembling Ethics of the Real” at the Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival in fall 2019 as a part of his lecture for students in the festival’s educational module Media and Documentary.
4.14dok.revue 4.14Dok.revue 4.14 resonates with sounds of the approaching eighteenth year of the 18th International Documentary Film Festival Jihlava 2014
4.14Experiments Based on (Industrial) RealityInterview with Andrea Slováková, who is preparing the section Fascinations for Jihlava IDFF.
2.14Fine-Tuned North BohemiaA film critic, a sociologist and a tuning expert discuss the new Czech documentary Into the Clouds We Gaze
5.14I Feel Anxious in South BohemiaInto the Clouds We Gaze with Martin Dušek
f.14Inspiration ForumInterview with Filip Remunda, curator of the section
f3.15Portraits of ThinkingSome commentary on encounters between film and philosophy
5.14Seven Pieces of Czech JoyThis and the following English edition of dok.revue presents interviews with Czech directors, which were featured in the Czech edition of dok.revue during the 18th Jihlava IDFF.
3.14The End of the Silly SeasonGottland in its third incarnation; Stations of the Cross suffered each time anew; Ex-Premiers as seen by FAMU students; perfumed Josef Čapek on a plank-bed in a concentration camp.
3.14The Unbearable Movement of HistoryA debate about a film project of five young directors; the film Gottland based on the eponymous Polish bestseller
4.14The Unknown Known Donald RumsfeldFrantišek Bublan, Alexandr Vondra and Jaroslav Fiala discuss Errol Morris’s new film, The Unknown Known, about Donald Rumsfeld, terrorism and different types of political documentaries.
5.14To The Ravens of Vráťa BrabenecDiscussion with Miroslav Janek about his new documentary The Gospel According to Brabenec
4.14Until Consumerism WinsAn interview with Vít Janeček, the dramaturgist of the Burmese section of Jihlava IDFF, offering a glimpse into the Burmese independent documentary production of the past decade.
6.14What Priest Kuffa Saw in the MirrorAn interview with Jana Ševčíková on her new film Lean a Ladder Against Heaven (Opři žebřík o nebe)
F5.16Winners of the jubilee 20th edition of Jihlava IDFFComments on the winners of 20th Jihlava IDFF by the festival editorial team
4.16Winners of the jubilee 20th edition of Jihlava IDFFComments on the winners of 20th Jihlava IDFF by the festival editorial team