Authors: Přemysl Martinek

3.14Between Creative Documentary and JournalismHow did the directors of Ex-Premiers succeed in disrupting the typical media image of the most prominent politicians of the past two decades?
f.14Can I sell my film to Eastern European TV Channels?Visegrad Accelerator initiative will focus on TV this year
f.14East SilverThe only film market focused on Eastern European production will open its gates again in Jihlava
f.14Emerging Producers 2015Survey among the former participants of the section
f.14Festival IdentityThe meeting of festival directors and programmers from all over the world makes Jihlava a special place for developing ideas on how to use film festivals as a crucial place for creative cinema
f.14Festivals always have to be on the side of the artistsInterview with Marek Hovorka, director of IDFF Jihlava, on two of the most important competitive sections of the festival, Eastern documentaries and the importance of Jihlava in a European context
f.14How are new media outlets changing the way the public is being informed about films?One of the more neglected aspects of digitalization is also a change in the way we inform about films
f.14Inspiration ForumInterview with Filip Remunda, curator of the section
f.14Is Cinema Moving On-line?Questions about the fate of cinema in the age of the Internet popped up a few years ago. Have they been answered yet?
5.14Planned HopeDiscussion with Benjamin Tuček about city planning, the active participation of citizens and his new film Plan
f.14The RestThere are more industry events during the festival. Let’s check out our overview