Authors: Jitka Lanšperková

F3.17Ji.hlava inspirační a inspirujícíFestivalová dok.revue potřetí
3.15A Political PerspectiveThe main theme dominating the first autumn issue of dok.revue is a political perspective. However, not in the sense of political agenda, as many readers could think.
5.15A Show in Poldi Kladno SteelworksInterview about the movie Tears of Steel: Vladimír Stehlík Meets Lubomír Krystlík
2.15Active Scriptwriting with a Camera in Your HandInterview about dreaming about landscape
2.15Addicted to Living TogetherDiscussion about movie Always Together directed by Eva Tomanová
3.15Alcohol and Heroin Are All the SameA discussion on Mallory, a new documentary by Helena Třeštíková
F1.16An illuminated parade passed through the streets of Jihlava20th Jihlava IDFF has begun
F4.16Czech JoyTo introduce the cream of last year’s Czech documentary production
1.16Digital RestorationWhat goes on in Hungarian laboratories when restoring 14 Czech archive films?
4.15Dok.revue Is Celebrating 10 Years!This year, dok.revue is marking its first round anniversary – it has been ten years since its first issue saw the light of the day.
2.16Don’t Forget to Smile!Notes on reviews of Vitaly Mansky’s Under the Sun
3.16Film Humour on the Football FieldAn interview with scriptwriter Tomáš Bojar and documentarian Rozálie Kohoutová about their new documentary film FC Roma
3.16Football and Political Observationdok.revue 3.16
3.16From Disillusionment to KiskaA discussion on movie Difficult Choice by Zuzana Piussi
1.17I Just Wanted to Record the Workplace I Am Part ofAn interview with Aitziber Olaskoaga, whose mid-length documentary Smiling on the Phone received the Special Mention from the sole juror of the Opus Bonum section,Claire Atherton at the 20th edition of Jihlava IDFF.
5.15In the Name of Jihlava IDFFFestival Reflections
1.17It Was the Difficulty of Being ThereAn interview with two co-authors of the Best World Documentary Film award winner at the 20th Jihlava IDFF called Spectres Are Haunting Europe.
1.17It’s Not Easy to Get Rid of Ideas Once They Are Written DownInterview with Salomé Jashi, the director of the Best Documentary Debut and the Best Central and Eastern European Documentary Film at the 20th Jihlava IDFF called The Dazzling Light of Sunset.
f1.15Jihlava IDFF, Day 1The largest festival of creative documentary film in Central and Eastern Europe, Jihlava IDFF just started this year’s edition.
f2.15Jihlava IDFF, Day 2The second day of the festival took off in a daze of an eternal surreal dream, though, was it really surreal?
2.15KVIFF Enthralled with Documentary FiguresAbout the relationship between Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and documentary movies
2.15Learn How to Read the LandscapeDreams about landscape, addiction to living together and relationship between KVIFF and documentaries
1.16Living in a Moral VoidA discussion on new documentary Doomed Beauty by Helena Třeštíková and Jakub Hejna
F5.16Looking for the 21st Jihlava IDFFFifth - and final - issue of festival dok.revue
f1.15Most Interesting Items in the 19th annual Jihlava IDFF Program According to Festival GuestsWhat do filmmakers and festival guests look forward to the most and what are the things you definitely should not miss.
6.15Multi-layered Personal TestimonyA debate about the film Czechs Against Czechs by Czech documentarian Tomáš Kratochvíl
6.15New TV Formats – What Are the Possibilities?This year’s last issue of dok.revue follows up on the concept introduced in the previous year.
6.15Scandinavian Freedom Comes at a High PriceRepresentatives of Danish and Swedish public television Danmarks Radio and Axel Arnö and their their approach to international documentary production
1.16Spring dok.revuePossible More Alternative Ways of Distributing Documentary Films and the Digital Restoration of Archived Films
4.15Tears for Steve JobsThe 19th Jihlava IDFF will show a premiere of a documentary film by the academy award-winning director Alex Gibney, Steve Jobs: Man in the Machine, about the emotional bond that can form between a man and a technical device.
3.15The Most Difficult Thing is to Find SimplicityInterview with documentary filmmaker Martin Kohout
F3.16The Past. The Present! The Future?Festival dok.revue vol. 3
f4.15Thor was Always Present in what He was DoingCzech filmmaker Petr Horký reminisces about his close friend Thor Heyerdahl
2.16Wasted Potential of the Good Old TrabiA film critic, a social scientist and a traveler discuss the latest of the series of films by Dan Přibáň called With Trabants to the Last Breath
2.17We’re all in this together!An interview with Canadian filmmaker and philosopher Mike Hoolboom
f2.15Which Art is the Right Kind of Art?Interview with David Čeňek, the dramaturge of three festival sections – Translucent Being Raymonde Carasco, Translucent Being Eugène Deslaw and Surrealism.
F2.16You can’t take my film away from me, can you, can you?Festival dok.revue: second issue