About Dok.revue

Dok.revue is dedicated to criticism and theory of documentary film. It is primarily focused on Czech and Slovak documentary cinema. In its reflection of documentaries, dok.revue promotes an aesthetic point of view while not ignoring social and historical context of filmmaking practice and cinema institution.

Dok.revue presents interviews with Czech and Slovak documentary filmmakers, reviews and critical discussions of recently released documentaries, essays dealing with documentary cinema phenomena, book reviews as well as poems that relate to the documentary world. It endeavours to inspire a deep examination of documentary film – both by Czech and Slovak film critics and historians as well as through important translated texts on cinema that had not been previously published in the Czech language.

Dok.revue was established by the Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival. It has been published since 2005. From 2003 to 2005, six issues of a dok.revue predecessor, a collection of papers called DO, were published in print. Selected papers included in DO collections are now being re-published online as a part of thematic supplements (in Czech only).

Dok.revue, which was published from 2005 to 2007 as a monthly insert in Literární Noviny, included in-depth thematic articles and interdisciplinary essays as well as short texts of an informational nature. Since 2008, dok.revue has been published as a bimonthly insert in the weekly magazine Respekt. Although it has been reduced in size, the key sections remain the same and new ones have been added: situational review, in which several individuals engage in a live discussion of a documentary film or subject, and new release, in which directors describe the adventures involved in creating their most recent film. Simultaneously, dok.revue has been published online.

Since 2012, English version of selected issues of dok.revue have been published online.

The dok.revue project is supported by the the Czech Cinematography Fund and by the Ministry of Culture Czech Republic.