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Will our civilisation negotiate this turn?

American documentarian Jeff ​Gibbs’ activist film Planet of the Humans, which criticises the way we treat renewable energy sources, has evoked numerous controversial reactions. It’s no surprise that the producer is well-known filmmaker Michael Moore, who released the film freely on YouTube on Earth Day, when the worldwide corona virus pandemic was at its peak.


We have to start with ourselves, or nothing will change

An interview with Macedonian documentarians Ljubomir Stefanov and Tamara Kotevská, creators of the film Honeyland.


When local is universal

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None of the big streaming platforms are buying documentaries now because people are so scared in their personal lives


There’s more than one feminism

A reflection on women documentarians inspired by Barbora Baronová’s book Women on Women

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The story of a small provincial town

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Sun of the Living Dead

situational review

Caught in the Net

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Biopics and the Trembling Ethics of the Real