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The creators of Havel didn’t know that they don’t know. And that’s the worst kind of not knowing!

Is director Slávek Horák’s film Havel truly chaos that says nothing at all about the recent history of our Czech nation or its first president? Or are the filmmakers entitled to artistic license and allowed to create whatever they like, despite giving the film and its main character the name Havel?


Karel Vachek: Films Just Have to Make You Laugh!

The interview with a doyen of Czech documentary filmmaking Karel Vachek, who unfortunately passed away on the 21th of December 2020.


Living with inner laughter

Dok.revue 2.20

new book

Army Film and the Avant Garde?

American film historian Alice Lovejoy discusses how her book came to be


It comes right from the belly

In this essay, Danish sound designer Peter Albrechtsen remembers one of the world's greatest film composers, Jóhann Jóhannsson. 


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Heaven over Today’s China

What is the story behind the feature-length documentary, Heaven, focusing on a Chinese Christian-run orphanage that is also a testimony about today’s China?

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The Alchemical Furnace

Jan Daňhel describes the concept behind his documentary film Alchemical Furnace that portrays the figure and work of Jan Švankmajer

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As Far As Possible

Ganna Iaroshevych writes on her documentary portrait of a man who lives in the Ukrainian mountains fighting against the extinction of water buffaloes


Gramsci’s Notebooks

A poem by Mike Hoolboom, a leading figure of Canadian experimental filmmaking